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Lessons in Life

You know how you meet someone and you're like, "Their not really that nice. No way is someone that sweet. What's the angle?" and then later you find out they are genuinely that nice and sweet. LOL!

I had a lady call me last night and we had such a great conversation. She and her husband are going to be coming over to a mutual friends house for dinner and she wanted to know if hubby and I would be there. We talked for a half hour and she and I have a lot in common. It's so nice.

I'll admit I'm one of those people that can judge too quickly on whether we can be friends or not. I'm not saying I do this with everybody, or all the time, but if someone is outgoing and very much loves the center of attention like I do, I usually start summing that person up. Why? Usually those who are most like us are the ones we see all the glaring defects. Hmmmm...mirror anybody? Kettle's black, Ann. LOL!

Another example is my closest friend. The first time I saw her about 12 years ago, she was not in a good place in her life and she was upset. I didn't know what was going on with her, but she was loud, aggressive and seemed rather obnoxious. I was sitting across the room watching her and thinking, "Man, I do not want to know you."

A few weeks later a group of us went to the movies, and she was there. We started talking and viola, we became best pals. We had our oldest children at the same time (no, that was not planned), we went everywhere together, we've seen each other at our worst, at our best, and even though we now live 300 miles apart, she comes to Missouri to visit me, I go up and visit her and we talk on the phone every morning and then some evenings depending on what's happening.

I really have to remember not to judge a person on first impressions, whether it be too good, or way bad. LOL! I know it probably sounds crazy, but I think most of us do this and I think we can really miss out. Now, I'm not saying we're going to love everybody. If you do then you're probably not meeting enough people, or you're a saint who has yet to be named by the church. ;-) Kidding! But, I'm just saying it's always a good lesson for me to remember I need to always keep an open mind.

Is that too deep for a Friday?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday's Witty Words

You need not feel guilty about not being able
to keep your life perfectly balanced. Juggling
everything is too difficult. All you really need
to do is catch it before it hits the floor!

- Carol Bartz

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In the Author Spotlight:

Wend Petzler

Wend is in the Author Spolight this week. Please read this great interview, and an excerpt from her her featured title, Whispter to Me. Wend is also offering a free download of Whisper to Me in this interview, make sure to read and find out more. Enjoy!

AL: Thank you so much Wend for joining me today. You’re one of my favorite people. I’m so glad that you and I have become friends and thrilled that you could interview for the “Year of the Blog”.

WP: Thank you! Of all the wonderful authors I have been blessed to meet, you are awesome and a great writer, too.

AL: What’s going on in your world personally?

WP: I have to be honest, 2008 has to be my roughest year ever. Having my gallbladder removed, helping my cousin deliver her baby--and I mean I was right there in the delivery room, and some personal setbacks, I have just returned to writing again. Now, I feel whole again. There’s nothing better in this world, besides my kids, to create and become the cast characters of another world, in another time.

AL: What do you have currently out for us to read?

WP: My latest release is Whisper to Me, the first of my Borne Vampire series. I sort of ventured out of historical to try vampire romances. But don’t worry, I added history--what vampire who has lived four hundred years hasn’t seem some, right?

AL: What tales is your mind weaving?

WP:I am switching back and forth between Hand of Destiny, a Roman-Briton fantasy, and The Water Witch, a time travel back to the Dark Ages. Which by the way, I have you to thank for. When I read your novel, Ayan, I was so inspired by the idea of fairies which led to dragons, witches, giants, and elves. I am having a blast creating these unique and wonderful characters.

AL: You write different genres, do you favor one genre over another?

WP:My favorite is historical. I love it, breathe it. I can’t imagine not writing it. There are so many stories buried in history desiring to be told, needing to be shared with those who want to escape their normal world and enter one where we can actually love, be able to defend the ones we love, and be someone else for just a while. Yet, I do love my vampires. So dark, soooo intense and mysterious, I love weaving tales about them, too.

AL: If you had to write yourself as a heroine, what kind of heroine would you be? What would you be named?

WP:I have always loved the name Sariah and have yet to come up with a book to fit her. I have fondness for angels. Not the cuddly kind, but warriors fighting against evil, saving people today from the supernatural.

AL: Who were you in a past life?

WP:I always envisioned myself as a warrior. I really suck at the being docile.

AL: What are you addicted to? Caffeine? Chocolate? Books? TV?

WP:My latest addiction is a blended iced latte called the Ghirardelli leopardchino and those girls at the Leopard Hut have me hooked!!! As to tv, I am so HOOKED on Supernatural! I love those Winchester brothers, especially Sam. 6 foot four and muscles, brains and a sense of humor--can’t get enough of him. I adore the chocolate, Symphony with toffee chips. As to books, I don’t get to read enough anymore. Since I started writing full-time, I am ashamed to admit I don’t read like I use to. I do love to watch movies though, well listen to them as I work anyway. Strangely, I am a horror movie fan--old school, some of the new stuff is all right but nothing compares to the original Halloween, My Bloody Valentine and the Fog.

AL: What's your favorite music?

WP: I love the hair bands of the 80’s, AC/DC, power rifts gets my blood pumping. Yet, I love movie themes. Weird, I know, yet the Star War’s series always takes me away to good fighting evil, our trials, our triumphs. Music plays an important part of my writing, sets my mood, keeps me focused.

AL: Who is a great example to you and has helped you in your life?

WP:I learned a lot from the late and wonderfulKathleen Woodiwess on romance, how to express a true heroine with all her human traits and to take a reader on a grand adventure. However, Frank Herbert’s Dune changed my life. The vision that man had to create new worlds, religion, races, and values staggered me. I learned so much through Paul Atreides and his bloodline. I felt I really in the books.

AL: You know this is my favorite part; share a quote with us. Any quote be it silly, meaningful, or simple.
WP:My favorite is from Star Wars. May the Force be with you!

AL: Thank you once again for joining me.

WP: Thank you for having me again, I really enjoy answering you questions.

AL: If you'd like to learn more about Wend and find other great novels to read please visit her at:

Contest Time:

Wend is offering a free download of her currently released book from New Concepts Publishing, titled Whisper to Me, a paranormal romance. Those who post will automatically be entered for a chance to win. Wend will send the winner their free copy next week. Best wishes to all....

Whisper To Me


How could one knee weakening kiss land Mariah Jordan in so much trouble with the most sexy, drop dead gorgeous man--or rather vampire—and drop her smack in the middle of a vampire war with her as the prize?


The wind rose with a fevered pitch and upon it rode the stench of pure Evil. The last time Mariah had encountered such a foul smell was the night she lost her husband. Terrified, she hurried to find the injured man before whatever she sensed did. Dense bushes made it difficult to keep up with the agile dogs. Winded from stumbling over wildly growing roots hidden under the fog, Mariah stopped to take a breather, holding her burning side. She grew alarmed as the fog increased. Mariah threw her hand over her eyes, blinded by its white brilliance. Entire body shaking from fear and the cold, she cried out when a hand latched onto her ankle, dragging her down to the unforgiving forest floor.

Hot, stinging tears rushed to her eyes as her knees slammed into the hard, rocky ground. Her flashlight centered on the dark figure before her, its mouth curled back in a savage snarl, exposing razor-sharp, luminescent teeth. Red eyes burning hot with rage suddenly blinked in surprise. Heavy shadows surrounding her attacker shifted, transforming into a darkly clothed man. His breath, harsh and jagged, blew bellows in the ice-cold air. Lowering the beam of light over his broad chest, she gasped, seeing his black, leather coat was ripped and gleamed wetly. Mariah smelt the metallic, sweet odor of blood blended with gunpowder. He was the one she had made contact with, and he was quickly bleeding to death. His breathtaking features were as white as the glowing mist swirling around them. Defeat shone in his coal-black eyes as he sagged back against the gnarled trunk of the pine tree behind him, warily watching her.

“I mean you no harm,” Mariah whispered to the silent man. “My name is Mariah, and I just want to help you.” Staring in amazement as Salish nudged him with her long muzzle, the man’s hard, flat mouth eased and lifted at the right corner, smiling faintly as he petted the pushy wolf. Bear had other more pressing concerns, his massive head tilted, listening to the sounds of the forest.

Startled, Mariah heard another man’s voice inside her mind. Mariah? Oh, Mariah, where are you? Do not fear me, I need you. The words spoken were crisp, elegant. Evil. Frightened by the malevolence radiating from the newcomer’s powerful mind, Mariah instinctively produced pictures of a dark void, deflecting the unsubtle request for her location.

How did he know her name?

Oh, no! I’m in as much danger as the man beside me, Mariah realized, panicking.

A branch snapped nearby. Her companion’s hand snaked out to grab her by the arm and yanked her into the hard shelter of his much larger frame. A snarl curled her companion’s cruel, sensual mouth. Sharp fangs lengthened dangerously. Mariah gasped, scrambling out of his embrace and knew without a doubt she sat in the presence of a real vampire. He grabbed her flashlight and switched it off. A soft curse alerted them to the fact that they weren’t alone.

“I know the son of a bitch ran this way,” a man whispered nervously to his comrade.

“How do you know? I can’t even see my feet with this damn fog!”

“Quit yer bitchin’! You know vampires can summon the elements. Let’s try going up the mountain,” the first one snapped.

Trembling from terror and the mind-numbing cold, she jumped when the vampire reached for her arm again. She tried to fight him, but he shook his head and pressed a finger to his mouth, silencing her. Reluctant to be close to a real vampire, she saw the tremors he could no longer repress. Mariah scooted over to him and leaned against him, offering what warmth she could. When he drew her into the shelter of his arms, she was surprised when he gently rubbed her arms, to get feeling flowing through her own frozen limbs. Mariah felt small and defenseless compared to him, unsure of his motives. Freaked that his hot, sticky blood was soaking through the back of her coat and the fact a real vampire was holding her, she turned to her dogs. They remained strangely quiet as they lay, watching the woods. From the heavy loss of blood he suffered, she knew he was weakening, needing to replenish what continued to leak out of his untended wounds.

Wary, Mariah looked up at the vampire. The hunters would eventually backtrack when they failed to find their prey. Her only hope for survival was the vampire, and he was in dire need of blood. And she knew just how he could get what he so desperately needed--hers.

What if this was to be her last night? Sad, Mariah realized it had been years since she was kissed or had made love, or been in love for that fact. Looking up at the handsome visage of the vampire, she thought, what the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose.

“Stranger, we have a dilemma. I can’t carry you back to my cabin, but you can get us there safely.” Swallowing hard, she continued, “I will give you my blood ... for a price.” The vampire’s dark, fathomless eyes widened.

“What do you want?” the vampire demanded suspiciously.

Before Mariah lost her nerve, she whispered, “a kiss.”

4:16 PM


I'm ready for the weekend; but do any of you ever feel like
you're ready for it to get here just so you can run around in
circles some more and then start all over again Monday?
I do. I plan too much. Maybe I should say I'm ready for the
next weekend. I don't think I have as much planned for that
one. I'll have to get back to you and see how well that works out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Wednesday's Witty Words

Never lend your car to any to whom you have
given birth.

- Erma Bombeck

(This is just a given, right? LOL!)

11:05 AM

This Week's in the Author Spotlight:
Shiela Stewart

AL: Thank you so much Shiela for joining me today. I’m thrilled that you could interview for the “Year of the Blog”.

SS: Thank you Ann for having me. I have to say, I absolutely love your blog!

AL: Tell us about your Dark Series? It’s set in the future and all sorts of things are going down.

SS: The Darkness series is set in 2025, the not so distant future and for the most part, things are relatively the same as they are now, except for a few minor details. Technology is a little more advanced in that some things are more computerized. Originally when I wrote the first book, it dealt with the eclipse of the sun and the story evolved around it. After a few rewrites, I changed a few things, but the eclipse is still the catalyst to bringing the once evil king of all vampires back from his confinement in the Realm of Dark Mystics by sacrificing five virginal girls during the eclipse. Trinity Ford and her once lover, Basil Hawthorne, want to stop it. What ensues in the following books is the desperation from these two to bring back the sunlight that was cloaked during the ritual, and protect the city they call home. Of course, love blossoms even in the darkest times and in each of the eight books, a relationship blooms and has a pivotal part in the stories.

Charming the Darkness is my current release and is the fourth book in the Darkness series.

AL: Do you have any new or upcoming releases you’d like to fill us in on?

SS: Tempting the Darkness is the next book in the Darkness series. It’s the fifth book in the Darkness series and is due for release in March. On a personal note, this book was one of the hardest I have ever had to write. I’d had the premise for the story outlined in July and began writing it in the beginning of August. The premise of the story is “If you could save a loved one from dying, would you do whatever it took to save her?” Cooper Hawthorne has been with Basil since he was a boy. After rescuing him from his father, they set out on a life of their own. When Cooper met and fell in love with Gabriella, he vowed to keep her safe from his life as a vampire. Including keeping her a secret from the man he considers his son. When Gabriella’s cancer returns, Cooper puts her into a comatose stases for twenty years before he wakes her with the sad news that no cure has been found. Because he can’t live without her, he does what comes naturally to him, and turns her into a vampire.

The reason this story was so difficult was because a week into writing it, my father was hospitalized with pneumonia. Four days later he died of lung cancer which no one in my family knew he had aside from my mother. Having to write a story about a cancer victim at that time was very hard for me as I dealt with my own grief and shock. I finished the book and I think it will always hold a special place in my heart simply because I was so close to scrapping the idea and starting over but I didn’t. I plugged on and I am proud I did.

Here’s a glimpse at Tempting the Darkness:

Keeping secrets is never easy, but for the past twenty years, Cooper Hawthorn has managed to hide his perfectly well. Until love entices him to reveal it all.

Despite the darkness still encasing the city, love is in the air and one by one, Cooper watches his friends fall head over heels. Longing for what he once had, he makes a critical decision. Waking his wife from her comatose sleep…and turning her into a vampire.

Waking after years of sleep, Gabriella Hawthorn is relieved to see her beloved Cooper. But when he informs her that her cancer has not been cured, she fears he’s woken her to say goodbye. Until he betrays his most sacred promise, and makes her one of his kind.

For so long he’d kept his wife and his life with her a secret. Cooper realizes what he is risking by waking her and turning her into a vampire. What he doesn’t expect is for everyone he loves to turn their backs on him. Including his wife. Devastated, Cooper is tempted to use his powers of mind control, a gift bestowed to him from being created by the king—another secret he has kept.

Will he be able to see the light, or will the darkness capture his soul?

AL: When did you know you had to be a writer?

SS: Gosh, I’ve always written in one form or another. Even as a child I would write tales or tell my cousins elaborate tales. I loved to fantasize. It had always been a part of me. But it wasn’t until after one particularly bizarre nightmare that the need to “write” became so gripping I was compelled to do it. A lot of my stories come from my nightmares. After putting it to paper, my husband read it and insisted I start looking for a publisher. I laughed it off, thinking there was no way I was good enough to be a published author. With his persistence, I began looking into publishers and after several rejections, I was finally accepted. And here I am now, and author with nine books published and contracts for four more. Not bad I guess, for a woman who was nicknamed “The Dreamer” in school. LOL

AL: Who inspired you to follow your dream of writing?

SS: My husband has always been a huge supporter of mine. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t be talking with you today. If there is one author that I would say inspired me to write it would be Nora Roberts. After reading one of her books for the very first time I decided this is what I wanted. I wanted others to read my stories.

AL: Who are some of your favorite authors?

SS: As I stated above, Nora Roberts is definitely on the top of my list. Her Alter ego, J.D. Robb would be second. I also love J.R. Wards Brotherhood series.

I’m a big paranormal nut and I love a good, seat gripping suspense.

AL: Valentine’s Day is around the corner is there anything special you and your significant other plan for that day?

SS: Hmmm…nothing so far. I must admit, I’m not big on Valentine’s day. As long as I’m with the man I love with all my heart, I’m happy. J

AL: Do you have a favorite sport, &/or team that you follow?

SS: I’m not a big sports nut, but I do enjoy watching my hubby and sons play soccer. One of my sons was also in wrestling and though I tried to be a supportive mom and watch a few of his matches, I did it with tense muscles and held breath. I’ve seen plenty of boys come out of it with concussions and broken bones.

AL: What favorite movie; or T.V. show makes you hunker down on the sofa and settle in for the night?

SS: Wow, there are several actually. Monday nights are my big, TV night. I love Heroes, How I met your Mother, CSI Miami, Bones, Eleventh Hour, CSI Vegas. But my all time favorite show right now would have to be The Tudors. I’m a big fan of the royal Tudor family and can’t get enough of their stories.

AL: Please share a favorite quote, or any quote that means the most to you.

SS: “It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.” A line from the eighties TV series, Cheers quoted from Norm. Anyone ever watch it? I loved that show and Norm was so right. I feel that way sometimes. I guess every wife and mother does at some times. Hell, who doesn’t feel that way sometimes. J

AL: Thank you so much Shiela for participating in the “Year of the Blog”. I do appreciate it.

SS: Thank you Ann for this wonderful interview and for having me on your blog.

Now I’m off to finish up Surviving the Darkness, the last book in the Darkness series.

Charming the Darkness
Available now from Linden Bay Romance

Danny Vega had never been comfortable as a human, unlike his twin brother. When he was offered a new life, Danny took it. As a vampire. Turning his back on his family, he welcomed the darkness. But when Chaos, the one man he has always looked up to most goes missing, and Danny is shunned by his kind, he decides to leave Jacobs Cove.

That is, until he’s run off the road.

As a witch, Starla Raine is fascinated by the ritual used to cast Jacobs Cove in darkness and decides to check it out. Entering the city she’s mesmerized by the blanket covering the city, and accidently runs someone off the road. When she discovers the man behind the wheel is connected to the spell that cast a shadow on the city, she decides to hold him captive until he agrees to help her find the spell book. And she’ll use any means possible to convince him, including seducing him.

Annoyed at being held against his will, Danny caves to Starla and agrees to help her find the ritual as long as she helps him find Chaos. He doesn’t mind using her magical abilities, or her body, for his own gain. Sex is just sex, until his heart gets in the way. But when she pushes him to make amends with his brother, or lose her, he finds letting her go isn’t that easy.

Can he open his heart to the light, or give in to the darkness once more?


“You’re a vampire?” She backed away from him, her brown eyes wide.

“Well…yeah. What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I move?” It was like his brain had lost communication with the rest of his body. Yet he could feel everything.


I froze you. You were going to bite me.”

“Once again, yeah. Vampire here. And what do you mean you froze me?” He was straining so hard to move that if he wasn't careful he was going to drop a load in his pants.

“I’m a witch.”

“A what?”

“A witch.”

At least he could use his face and, frowning at her, said, “You’re a witch?” She folded her arms over her chest and cocked her hip to the side. He corrected his earlier thought. She wasn't just hot. She was damn hot!

“Yeah, what’s wrong with being a witch?”

“Nothing wrong with it. You just don’t look like a witch.”

“Why, because I don’t have a green face and a pointy nose?” She rolled her eyes.

“No, because…well, you’re hot!” There was no denying it, the woman had curves in all the right places and that tight, black, v-neck t-shirt she wore teased of ample breasts. Never mind the blue jeans that looked painted on. “Only children think witches look like that. I’m not that stupid.”

She planted her fists on her hips and gave him an indignant look. “I don’t like your attitude.”

“No problem. Unfreeze me or whatever you need to do to give me back the power of my body and I can be on my merry way. Killer, hurry your ass in there already!” Where was that cat anyway?

“Killer? There are more of you in here?” She spun around, facing towards the entryway to the kitchen. Oh, this was too perfect.

“Oh yeah, there’s a whole bunch of us here and we’re all going to take turns sucking the life right out of you.” She glared as she turned to face him. Maybe he should have used less sarcasm.

“I don’t believe you.”

"Suit yourself. Come on out, guys!” This was too much fun. Then Killer walked in, meowed, and wound his body around Danny’s legs. How was he supposed to pretend to be mean when the cat was cuddling up to him?

“There’s no one else here, is there?”

“Sure there are.” He was losing her rapidly.

“I don’t think so.” Daringly, she inched towards the doorway, peering around the corner. Danny just couldn’t resist.

“Get her!” She jumped, spun around in some sort of karate kick, her fists raised and ready. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

“I knew it! There is no one else here.” She spun back towards Danny. “You lied.”

Can’t blame a guy for trying. All right already, Killer, go lay down on the sofa or something.” The cat was annoying him only because he was tickling Danny’s shins and there was nothing he could do to stop it, being frozen and all.

“Killer? That’s Killer?” she chuckled as she made her way to the cat, scooping him up. “You don’t look so fierce. Come here pretty girl.”

“He’s a guy.” The nerve of her assuming Killer was a girl!

“Aren’t you a sweetie pie?” She nuzzled her face into the cat’s fur. “Yes, you are.” Killer was loving every minute of it.

“You wanna unfreeze me now?”

“Right, because I look stupid.”

“Well—” “Don’t.”

“You walked into it, toots.” She narrowed those big, brown eyes at him.

“Don’t call me that. If I let you go the first thing you’ll do is jump me and bite my neck.”

"Doesn’t have to be the neck and I’d probably do more than just jump you.” Her eyes narrowed a little more.

“What does that mean?”

“Just forget it. If I promise I won’t bite you, will you let me go?”

“Sure. NOT!!” She laughed at him then took a seat on the sofa with the cat.

“What’s a pretty kitty like you doing with a big, bad vampire?” Her head jerked up and her eyes went wide making them look even bigger than they already were. “Oh my Goddess! You don't drink from him, do you?”

That was just the most appalling thing he’d ever heard. “What? No way. Killer and I are tight. We’re pals.”

“You’re pals?” “

"Yeah, I saved him from a bunch of hungry dogs a few weeks ago and we’ve been roomies ever since.”

“You’re roomies?” Her lips twitch with a grin.

He wasn't impressed. “What’s wrong with that?”

“That’s sweet. You have a kitty as a pet.” Snuggling the cat to her face, she flashed a huge smile at him.

“Wanna release me now?” He didn’t like the way she was looking at him or being called sweet. He was anything but.

She leaned back and Killer made himself right at home on her lap. “Not yet. So why were you leaving—I don’t even know your name.”


“Cool. I’m Starla Raine. So why were you leaving?”

“Starla Raine? What kind of name is that?”

“It’s a perfectly fine name. Starla was my grandmother’s name.”

“So Raine is your last name?”

“Yes. Why were you leaving?” she repeated, gently stroking the cat’s head.

Maybe if he played nice and gave her what she wanted she’d release him and then he and Killer could go on their merry way. “I’m tired of this town.”

“I would think someone like you would love living here where there’s no sun to burn you up.”

“The sun doesn’t kill us. That’s just a myth. But it does give us a nasty third degree burn. I’ve spent twenty years learning to live with the sun, doing so now won’t be any different.”

“Twenty years?” She frowned. “How old are you?”


“Get out? Wow, how old were you when you were taken?”

“Thirteen. I answered your questions, so you wanna let me go now.” His body was starting to cramp up and it was not a good feeling, especially since he couldn’t rub the tightening muscles.
“The response you gave to my question was lame. Now tell me the real reason you and Killer,” she smiled down at the cat on her lap, “were leaving.”

“Why does it matter to you?” She was pissing him off now.

“Just curious. What’s the real reason?”

She just wasn't giving up. “If I tell you the truth, will you please release me?”

“You bet.” She kicked her legs up onto the couch and Killer stretched out, placing his paws and his face on her knees.

“You are just loving this,” he growled at Killer. “Okay, I’m kind of an outcast here. I used to be part of the group of vamps that started this whole darkness crap, but I disobeyed the leader and so he kicked me out. Now no one wants to hang out with me even though Chaos has been taken hostage and is hidden somewhere. So why stay where I’m not wanted?”

“Chaos was the leader?”

“Yeah. Now you know the truth you can let me go.”

She stood up holding the cat in her arms. “I don’t think so.”

“What? You said you would?” This was bullshit!

“Yes, I did, but that was before I knew you were connected to the darkness.” She walked right up to him, her face a breath away. “I came to Jacob’s Cove to find out everything I can about the ritual that cast the city in darkness. I’m thinking you might come in handy.”

She walked off towards the kitchen, the cat in her arms.

“What? No way! Get back here. Did you hear me, Starla? Get your ass back here now!” If he had the ability to chase after her she would so be on her face right now. “Damn it, Starla. Let me go!”

9:18 AM

I'm Beat

My dad's sick and in the hospital, so I've been spending most of my time either at work, or there. It get's very exhausting. He is not critical, but he's not in good shape either. He has several issues they're dealing with, and because of it he's not in his right state of mind. It's very sad to see him that way, but at times very commical too cause you don't know what he's going to say.

But, none of this is permanent so that's a good thing. It's just going to take awhile to get everything back fuctioning the way its supposed to.

I'm going to take him up a couple pictures of his grandson and granddaughter. I'm hoping that will help to cheer him up, and hoping that seeing those pictures will remind him to do what the doctor says so he can get home that much sooner. Plus, it'll brighten up the room to have a couple pictures there of family.

9:06 AM

Wednesday's Witty Words

A woman's body is a work of art. A man's
body is utilitarian. It's for gettin' around.
It's like a Jeep.

- Elaine, Seinfeld
(on why men shouldn't walk around naked)

1:04 PM

Author Spotlight: J.K. Coi

AL: Thank you so much J.K. for joining me today. You’re my first author on my blog and I want to thank you again for your helpful suggestions along with the other Linden Bay authors. So, let me hop right in and ask; what new releases do you have for us to read?

JK: Hi Ann! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I’m very happy to be here. And as to the advice I gave you—if it helped, then I’m glad and please make sure to tell everyone how awesome I am (Remember, singing monkeys—you can’t go wrong). But, um...If it doesn’t help, then I guess I should tell you that I get all my ideas from Samantha Sommersby (lol)

AL: What new works are you deep into?

JK: I’ve just finished the last of my edits on Dark Immortal, book 3 of my Immortal Series, and I’m deep into book 4, Forever Immortal, a first draft of which I hope to have complete before Dark Immortal releases in mid-February.

AL: Tell us about the Immortal Series. What inspired you to write about hell’s monsters and those gorgeous warriors that protect us?

JK: Hmm, why do I write about demons and monsters? Well, they do say “write what you know”... And in fact, that’s not entirely a joke. I was reading stuff like Stephen King by the time I was in grade 3 or 4, and I devoured all of Anne Rice’s vampire books in one summer when I was 14. The genre has been in my blood for as long as I can remember, and the first time I picked up a pen to put a story to paper (in grade 9 English class), it was with that kind of plot in mind. Now the hot immortal warriors...well that’s just good marketing. *grin*

AL: Was My Immortal the first book you ever wrote? Or do you have other works out there finished, or (in my case) unfinished that we don’t know about?

JK: Yes, My Immortal was my first full length book. But my first publication was for some poetry a few years before that, and I’ve won some awards for my short stories. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have any unfinished works. Two Novembers ago, for NaNoWriMo, I started to work on a post-apocalyptic romance and got about 7,000 words in before I changed my mind and wrote something different. I still want to finish that book, but at the time, it just wasn’t the story calling to me the loudest.

AL: Who is the author(s) that inspired you to write?

JK: I’ve had many inspirations for my writing, but I think I really made the decision to seriously try it after my mother told me that she’d been writing a book of her own. I figured it was something that we might have in common and I also thought that if she could do it, I could at least give it a shot.

AL: Who is a great example to you and how you live your life?

JK: A tightrope walker? Actually, I honestly try not to compare my life to anyone else’s. What works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for me and my family. I’m the only woman in the house and my husband and son are demanding, yet understanding. I try to be there for them as much as I can. But on top of that, I am devoted to my writing and I work a full-time day job, so I have to be very careful with my schedule.

AL: When you’re not writing what activities do you like to do?

JK: I love to do stained glass! It’s like my second—no, third—maybe fourth passion. Usually when I’m stuck on a plot point, or I’m looking for distractions, I’ll raise a suggestive eyebrow hubby’s way...but after that if I’m still stumped I go out to the garage and start cutting glass. There’s something very relaxing about creating a piece of art from all the different pieces of colourful glass. Then, when it’s finished you have something so beautiful—and when the light shines through...Wow!

AL: Pretend for a moment you’re stranded on a deserted island and the ship won’t be able to come get you for several weeks. You’ve already made your shelter out of sturdy logs and palm leaves. You have enough vegetation and if you’re a carnivore, you got that sticky pig running a mock with your hand made spear, and you don’t have to worry about water because you found a fresh water spring further inland. What are three things you would have to have so as not to go insane from boredom as you wait to be rescued?

JK: LOL. Survival’s not an issue, so basically you’re saying pretend you’re on vacation without the benefit of room service. What would I do? I guess that would depend on a number of things. Have I managed to save my ereader? Is there internet? (God, I’m hopeless) Oh...do I have the two Davids (David Beckham and David Boreanaz) fighting over me and bringing me coconuts?

AL: What favorite movie or T.V. show makes you hunker down on the sofa and settle in for the night?

JK: Given the above, it’s probably no surprise that Bones is my favourite show. I definitely wouldn’t miss it for anything less than a seriously looming deadline—and maybe even then I’d have to beg for an extra day’s grace on the deadline.

AL: Please share a favorite quote, any quote that stands out to you.

JK: Okay, you asked for it. I’m giving you my favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes...and you can’t do just one Buffy quote. It’s like, sacrilegious to make me choose:

Buffy: Spike, I just saw you taste your own nose blood. You know what? I'm too grossed out to hear anything you have to say. Go home.
Spike: It's blood. It's what I do!
Buffy: [pulls a glowing orb out of her bag] What the hell is it?
Giles: It appears to be paranormal in origin.
Willow: How can you tell?
Giles: Well, it's so shiny.
Oz: Well, I sorta test well. Y'know, which is cool. Except that it leads to jobs.
Willow: Oh, I don't know, though. He is a senior.
Buffy: You think he's too old 'cause he's a senior? Please. My boyfriend had a bicentennial.
Spike: No more of this 'I've got a soul' crap?
Angelus: What can I say, hmm? I was going through a phase.
Spike: You've really got a yen to hurt this girl, haven't you?
Angelus: She made me feel like a human being. That's not the kind of thing you just forgive.


Angelus: Dear Buffy. I'm still trying to decide the best way to send my regards.
Spike: Why don't you rip her lungs out? It might make an impression.
Angelus: Lacks... poetry.
Spike: It doesn't have to. What rhymes with lungs?


Buffy: You know, it’s not even that he’s acting that suspicious. It’s just - there he is. On the hell mouth. All day, every day. That’s got to be like being showered with evil. Only from underneath. Willow: Not really a shower.
Buffy: A bidet. Like a bidet of evil.

AL: Thank you so much J.K. for participating in the “Year of the Blog”. I do appreciate it.

JK: Thanks so much for having me, Ann! I had a lot of fun.

Please visit me at my website for more information about upcoming books, chats, interviews, reviews, and all things Immortal. I’m also on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jkcoi and I blog at http://www.jkcoi.blogspot.com/.

J.K. Coi
Immortals to Die For
Dark Immortal (Book 3, Immortal Series)...February, 2009

AL: Please enjoy this blurb and excerpt from J.K.'s book Dark Immortal coming soon:

Dark Immortal (Book 3, Immortal Series)...
Blurb and Excerpt (coming February 2009):

Evil lurks in the darkest of shadows, but a band of warriors stands ready to defend humanity against hell’s own monsters—Immortal men hand-picked by destiny and taken out of time hold the fate of the world in their hands.

How do you know the woman of your dreams would still love you if all the circumstances which brought you together no longer existed? How do you know she would still want you if the memory of your love was wiped away and the only thing left was fear and pain? How could you ask her to stay if all she could see was the monster inside of you, the monster that gets harder and harder to contain?

After one hundred years of torture, trapped underground in darkness and isolation, Alric was visited by an angel. Diana. Beautiful. Strong. Brave. She released him from his prison and saved him from the insanity of his own mind, offering him the kind of love only a fool would ever deny.
When a vampire’s attack leaves Diana broken and comatose, locked deep inside of herself where Alric can’t reach her, he blames himself for failing to protect her. He can only hope that giving her time to heal will eventually bring her back to him...but it seems that time is not on their side.


Alric lifted a hand to her face, lightly trailing a curled finger down her cheek. Callused and rough, but warm on her skin.

She started, her gaze jerking back up to his. His hand was too large, like the rest of him. She knew very well there was little she could do if he decided to use that size and strength against her.

And so did he.

It should scare the crap out of her, but even so, she didn’t pull back from him.

He touched her with such gentle care, almost trepidation. As if he were more afraid of her, of what she might do, than she was of him. Curiosity rode her. If by some fantastical twist of fate this man was telling her the truth, then she would know from his kiss.

Won’t I?

More to the point, if he kissed her and she felt nothing, then they would both know it. She would be able to put aside the ridiculous uncertainty that continued to torment her once and for all, and maybe he would even let her go.

His gaze shifted to her mouth before he closed the distance. Warm, firm...but light. He was giving her all the time in the world to reject his touch and pull away. When she didn’t do so immediately, he groaned and leaned in closer. There was nothing demanding in his kiss, and yet she felt as if she were being marked, as if this one kiss could break down all of her walls and leave her shivering and vulnerable.

“Diana.” He murmured her name as if it were made to be uttered in his deep voice, his breath stealing between her slightly parted lips. His hand curved around the back of her head, holding her to him with the gentlest of tethers as he slid his tongue across her lips.

The kiss changed. From soft and unthreatening, to one that hungered—and dared her to feed the hunger. Accept it. Crave it.

Oh God.

12:45 PM

Interesting Article...

Not only am I posting most of this week, but twice in one day. I'm on a roll! LOL!

But, I wanted to pass on this article that was posted in one of my publisher groups. It's a very interesting article on the future of publishing whether it be a big, or small house. The comments are intersting too, along with other prospectives that are out there. The sum of it is that e-publishers have a chance to step up and show their stuff.


I must admit that at one point in my life I didn't buy e-books. This was some years back. I only wanted the one I could hold in my hand, bound and flip the pages. At one point I tried to get published with the big publishing houses, and of course was rejected. I didn't know beans about writing a cover letter, a synopsis, about the no-no's of head hopping, etc, heck, I didn't know beans about e-books, or what they were. All I knew was I had just written and loved on this book and sent it out.

Well, I belonged to a critique group and the ladies in that group were published, or soon-to-be published with e-book publishers. Anyway, I worked hard with this group and soon I had submitted to my first e-book publisher, and was...rejected. LOL!

I kept working and another year later I got my first signed contract. I was thrilled. You couldn't have pulled me off the sealing with a spatula if you tried, and the thing was - I couldn't have been more thrilled than if I had been holding a contract from a big NY publisher.

My writing has grown and other opportunities have come my way and I'm really looking forward to this year as my new series is launched and another that will be re-released with Linden Bay.

I guess the point I'm trying to make in all this rambling is that there's a lot of "tension" between the two publishering entities, but I read more new author e-books than I ever do off the sheves in a store. There are many talented men and women out there that are trying to get their stories read. We write because it's in us. A writer can't help but write. It's what we do, otherwise the people in our heard can turn on you. LOL! Without e-books there may not have been that opportunity for them, or me for that matter; considering only a small amout get published with the big houses and out of those numbers, only a smaller percentage of them are pushed to stardom. (You can read that in the article)

I'm not a star and I'm not a blockbuster, NY bestselling author, but I do have fans and readers that enjoy my books. I would like to only write for a living one day. No day job to go to to slow me down in what I yearn to do. I love hearing from a reader that has enjoyed something I've put to paper. To love the characters as much as I do. You can't pay a higher compliment than that. I know that one day I will get there and I don't care if I'm every rich, granted I'd like to be comfortable...you know what I mean.

It does surprise me though the number of people that still don't know, or understand e-books, yet at the same time it's a growing market and it's still growing by leaps and bounds. I think that is tremendous. Things may change on how we get a good book, as technology and time goes, but the point remains that there are still good books out there to read and that's whats important. We shouldn't scale poeple back to write only a certain way cause that's what's selling right now. Everyone's voice should be different and as long as we let our heart lead the way (with some thought to it, don't want to go charging off over cliffs if we let too much emotion rule us) we can't go wrong.

Wow! I only meant to put a little bit here and I've gone off on a tangent. Oops! Sorry...I hope I didn't offend anyone. Trust me, I have my favorite authors out there that I will stand in a line to get, but I guess from my lengthy letter here I wanted to express. :-)


9:09 AM

What I'm Reading...

Well, right now I'm reading the MacCallister series by Kinley MacGregor. I'm enjoying them very much. A co-worker loaned them to me. Being a big Sherillyn Kenyon fan she was surprised that I hadn't read them. I knew about them, but had not as of yet gotten them.

I was telling another author it's kind of nice to take a break from the paranormal and read a good historical. Paranormal has flooded the market, which I'm not complaining cause I love reading and I write paranormals, but I hope you know what I mean.

I'm on Sin's story in the series. I know his name alone drips, hot lovin'! LOL!

So, if you'd like, tell us what you're reading. Anything...be it romance, erotica, a mystery, or a biography.


7:31 AM

Wednesday's Witty Words

Instead of thinking about where you are, think
about where you want to be. It takes twenty
years of hard work to become an overnight

- Diana Rankin

11:49 AM


Well, the New Year is here and I am making it my goal (notice I didn't say resolution) to be more active regarding blogging. I've discussed this with my fellow authors and so I have deleted all previous blog entries and have created a new one that will hopefully allow you to get to know me better and me - you.

That is my goal (among others) and I have help now to see me through it, so 2009 will be Ann's "Year of the Blog". Yeah!

So, what are my goals for this blog? To hop on here a few times a week and discuss what I've done for the week, or what I've found interesting. Also, every Wednesday I plan to post a quote. I love quotes. I love finding out others favorite quotes as well. I'll be posting quotes from Witty Words from Wise Women...warning: men out there, don't hate me cause some of the quotes - not all - are about men. :-D

And, I'm planning on having authors join me on my blog so that those of you stopping by can find new and exciting reads, or re-visit a favorite author. I'm not sure yet what days I'll do the author spotlights, but I'll make sure to post it on this blog to update you. Of course, I'll have updates on books I'm working on and new releases and other exciting book information. That's a given.

So, let the Year of the Blog begin and I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year!