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In the Author Spotlight:

Wend Petzler

Wend is in the Author Spolight this week. Please read this great interview, and an excerpt from her her featured title, Whispter to Me. Wend is also offering a free download of Whisper to Me in this interview, make sure to read and find out more. Enjoy!

AL: Thank you so much Wend for joining me today. You’re one of my favorite people. I’m so glad that you and I have become friends and thrilled that you could interview for the “Year of the Blog”.

WP: Thank you! Of all the wonderful authors I have been blessed to meet, you are awesome and a great writer, too.

AL: What’s going on in your world personally?

WP: I have to be honest, 2008 has to be my roughest year ever. Having my gallbladder removed, helping my cousin deliver her baby--and I mean I was right there in the delivery room, and some personal setbacks, I have just returned to writing again. Now, I feel whole again. There’s nothing better in this world, besides my kids, to create and become the cast characters of another world, in another time.

AL: What do you have currently out for us to read?

WP: My latest release is Whisper to Me, the first of my Borne Vampire series. I sort of ventured out of historical to try vampire romances. But don’t worry, I added history--what vampire who has lived four hundred years hasn’t seem some, right?

AL: What tales is your mind weaving?

WP:I am switching back and forth between Hand of Destiny, a Roman-Briton fantasy, and The Water Witch, a time travel back to the Dark Ages. Which by the way, I have you to thank for. When I read your novel, Ayan, I was so inspired by the idea of fairies which led to dragons, witches, giants, and elves. I am having a blast creating these unique and wonderful characters.

AL: You write different genres, do you favor one genre over another?

WP:My favorite is historical. I love it, breathe it. I can’t imagine not writing it. There are so many stories buried in history desiring to be told, needing to be shared with those who want to escape their normal world and enter one where we can actually love, be able to defend the ones we love, and be someone else for just a while. Yet, I do love my vampires. So dark, soooo intense and mysterious, I love weaving tales about them, too.

AL: If you had to write yourself as a heroine, what kind of heroine would you be? What would you be named?

WP:I have always loved the name Sariah and have yet to come up with a book to fit her. I have fondness for angels. Not the cuddly kind, but warriors fighting against evil, saving people today from the supernatural.

AL: Who were you in a past life?

WP:I always envisioned myself as a warrior. I really suck at the being docile.

AL: What are you addicted to? Caffeine? Chocolate? Books? TV?

WP:My latest addiction is a blended iced latte called the Ghirardelli leopardchino and those girls at the Leopard Hut have me hooked!!! As to tv, I am so HOOKED on Supernatural! I love those Winchester brothers, especially Sam. 6 foot four and muscles, brains and a sense of humor--can’t get enough of him. I adore the chocolate, Symphony with toffee chips. As to books, I don’t get to read enough anymore. Since I started writing full-time, I am ashamed to admit I don’t read like I use to. I do love to watch movies though, well listen to them as I work anyway. Strangely, I am a horror movie fan--old school, some of the new stuff is all right but nothing compares to the original Halloween, My Bloody Valentine and the Fog.

AL: What's your favorite music?

WP: I love the hair bands of the 80’s, AC/DC, power rifts gets my blood pumping. Yet, I love movie themes. Weird, I know, yet the Star War’s series always takes me away to good fighting evil, our trials, our triumphs. Music plays an important part of my writing, sets my mood, keeps me focused.

AL: Who is a great example to you and has helped you in your life?

WP:I learned a lot from the late and wonderfulKathleen Woodiwess on romance, how to express a true heroine with all her human traits and to take a reader on a grand adventure. However, Frank Herbert’s Dune changed my life. The vision that man had to create new worlds, religion, races, and values staggered me. I learned so much through Paul Atreides and his bloodline. I felt I really in the books.

AL: You know this is my favorite part; share a quote with us. Any quote be it silly, meaningful, or simple.
WP:My favorite is from Star Wars. May the Force be with you!

AL: Thank you once again for joining me.

WP: Thank you for having me again, I really enjoy answering you questions.

AL: If you'd like to learn more about Wend and find other great novels to read please visit her at:

Contest Time:

Wend is offering a free download of her currently released book from New Concepts Publishing, titled Whisper to Me, a paranormal romance. Those who post will automatically be entered for a chance to win. Wend will send the winner their free copy next week. Best wishes to all....

Whisper To Me


How could one knee weakening kiss land Mariah Jordan in so much trouble with the most sexy, drop dead gorgeous man--or rather vampire—and drop her smack in the middle of a vampire war with her as the prize?


The wind rose with a fevered pitch and upon it rode the stench of pure Evil. The last time Mariah had encountered such a foul smell was the night she lost her husband. Terrified, she hurried to find the injured man before whatever she sensed did. Dense bushes made it difficult to keep up with the agile dogs. Winded from stumbling over wildly growing roots hidden under the fog, Mariah stopped to take a breather, holding her burning side. She grew alarmed as the fog increased. Mariah threw her hand over her eyes, blinded by its white brilliance. Entire body shaking from fear and the cold, she cried out when a hand latched onto her ankle, dragging her down to the unforgiving forest floor.

Hot, stinging tears rushed to her eyes as her knees slammed into the hard, rocky ground. Her flashlight centered on the dark figure before her, its mouth curled back in a savage snarl, exposing razor-sharp, luminescent teeth. Red eyes burning hot with rage suddenly blinked in surprise. Heavy shadows surrounding her attacker shifted, transforming into a darkly clothed man. His breath, harsh and jagged, blew bellows in the ice-cold air. Lowering the beam of light over his broad chest, she gasped, seeing his black, leather coat was ripped and gleamed wetly. Mariah smelt the metallic, sweet odor of blood blended with gunpowder. He was the one she had made contact with, and he was quickly bleeding to death. His breathtaking features were as white as the glowing mist swirling around them. Defeat shone in his coal-black eyes as he sagged back against the gnarled trunk of the pine tree behind him, warily watching her.

“I mean you no harm,” Mariah whispered to the silent man. “My name is Mariah, and I just want to help you.” Staring in amazement as Salish nudged him with her long muzzle, the man’s hard, flat mouth eased and lifted at the right corner, smiling faintly as he petted the pushy wolf. Bear had other more pressing concerns, his massive head tilted, listening to the sounds of the forest.

Startled, Mariah heard another man’s voice inside her mind. Mariah? Oh, Mariah, where are you? Do not fear me, I need you. The words spoken were crisp, elegant. Evil. Frightened by the malevolence radiating from the newcomer’s powerful mind, Mariah instinctively produced pictures of a dark void, deflecting the unsubtle request for her location.

How did he know her name?

Oh, no! I’m in as much danger as the man beside me, Mariah realized, panicking.

A branch snapped nearby. Her companion’s hand snaked out to grab her by the arm and yanked her into the hard shelter of his much larger frame. A snarl curled her companion’s cruel, sensual mouth. Sharp fangs lengthened dangerously. Mariah gasped, scrambling out of his embrace and knew without a doubt she sat in the presence of a real vampire. He grabbed her flashlight and switched it off. A soft curse alerted them to the fact that they weren’t alone.

“I know the son of a bitch ran this way,” a man whispered nervously to his comrade.

“How do you know? I can’t even see my feet with this damn fog!”

“Quit yer bitchin’! You know vampires can summon the elements. Let’s try going up the mountain,” the first one snapped.

Trembling from terror and the mind-numbing cold, she jumped when the vampire reached for her arm again. She tried to fight him, but he shook his head and pressed a finger to his mouth, silencing her. Reluctant to be close to a real vampire, she saw the tremors he could no longer repress. Mariah scooted over to him and leaned against him, offering what warmth she could. When he drew her into the shelter of his arms, she was surprised when he gently rubbed her arms, to get feeling flowing through her own frozen limbs. Mariah felt small and defenseless compared to him, unsure of his motives. Freaked that his hot, sticky blood was soaking through the back of her coat and the fact a real vampire was holding her, she turned to her dogs. They remained strangely quiet as they lay, watching the woods. From the heavy loss of blood he suffered, she knew he was weakening, needing to replenish what continued to leak out of his untended wounds.

Wary, Mariah looked up at the vampire. The hunters would eventually backtrack when they failed to find their prey. Her only hope for survival was the vampire, and he was in dire need of blood. And she knew just how he could get what he so desperately needed--hers.

What if this was to be her last night? Sad, Mariah realized it had been years since she was kissed or had made love, or been in love for that fact. Looking up at the handsome visage of the vampire, she thought, what the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose.

“Stranger, we have a dilemma. I can’t carry you back to my cabin, but you can get us there safely.” Swallowing hard, she continued, “I will give you my blood ... for a price.” The vampire’s dark, fathomless eyes widened.

“What do you want?” the vampire demanded suspiciously.

Before Mariah lost her nerve, she whispered, “a kiss.”


Lisa said...

Wonderful excerpt really dragged me in going to add this one to my list.

AuthorKimberlyLB said...

I'm really liking this excerpt! There's something about vampires that I've always liked...maybe it's the tall, dark, and brooding that get's me lol!

Ann Lory said...

I have to agree, there is something about those vampires. I think it's all those wonderful adjectives you supplied, Kimberly. LOL!

Wend does a great job. I really enjoy her work.

Wend said...

Thanks for the compliments, Ann! I love your work, too.