8:53 AM

Lessons in Life

You know how you meet someone and you're like, "Their not really that nice. No way is someone that sweet. What's the angle?" and then later you find out they are genuinely that nice and sweet. LOL!

I had a lady call me last night and we had such a great conversation. She and her husband are going to be coming over to a mutual friends house for dinner and she wanted to know if hubby and I would be there. We talked for a half hour and she and I have a lot in common. It's so nice.

I'll admit I'm one of those people that can judge too quickly on whether we can be friends or not. I'm not saying I do this with everybody, or all the time, but if someone is outgoing and very much loves the center of attention like I do, I usually start summing that person up. Why? Usually those who are most like us are the ones we see all the glaring defects. Hmmmm...mirror anybody? Kettle's black, Ann. LOL!

Another example is my closest friend. The first time I saw her about 12 years ago, she was not in a good place in her life and she was upset. I didn't know what was going on with her, but she was loud, aggressive and seemed rather obnoxious. I was sitting across the room watching her and thinking, "Man, I do not want to know you."

A few weeks later a group of us went to the movies, and she was there. We started talking and viola, we became best pals. We had our oldest children at the same time (no, that was not planned), we went everywhere together, we've seen each other at our worst, at our best, and even though we now live 300 miles apart, she comes to Missouri to visit me, I go up and visit her and we talk on the phone every morning and then some evenings depending on what's happening.

I really have to remember not to judge a person on first impressions, whether it be too good, or way bad. LOL! I know it probably sounds crazy, but I think most of us do this and I think we can really miss out. Now, I'm not saying we're going to love everybody. If you do then you're probably not meeting enough people, or you're a saint who has yet to be named by the church. ;-) Kidding! But, I'm just saying it's always a good lesson for me to remember I need to always keep an open mind.

Is that too deep for a Friday?

Have a wonderful weekend!