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In honor of A Real Man's release. I'm going to have a little contest. Those of you that post a comment in this blog bite, will be entered for a chance to win a free download of A Real Man. Easy enough. You can post and say, "Hi Ann," or "What's up, Ann?" or if about something you may have liked in the blurb & excerpt. Anything, as long as it's not rude, or offensive of course. :-)

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Falling in love with your kidnapper is never supposed to happen, but when he isn’t exactly human it brings up another set of problems all together…

Rachel fights with everything she has against a man, Scott, who has broken into her apartment. On the run, Rachel learns Scott isn’t running from the law, he’s running from a secret branch of military that the government doesn’t know exists. Scott’s mysterious, deadly, and handsome as sin. Her mind tells her to be terrified, but her body and heart are making other demands.

Now Rachel finds herself trying to help her kidnapper, along with two other of Scott's colleagues that have gone AWOL. They must locate and save the doctor and a congressman who can bring down this illegal operation. It’s a race against the clock to blow the top off one of the biggest secrets the world has ever known.


His stomach was in knots at what he was about to do. He’d been training for this. This was what he was made for … to kill. To assassinate anyone who threatened their organization, or the government of the United States.

He looked through the scope, focusing on his objective. The man passed by the window once, too quickly for a killing shot. “Do you have the target in sight?”

“Negative. No clear shot available.”

“There can be no **** up’s with this one. Once you have the shot take it.”


He blew a steadying breath as he adjusted the focus on his scope, holding the sniper rifle loosely in his hands. He felt sweat beading on his brow, his hands slick.

The man came into full view. He tensed making ready to shoot. “Target is in view.”

“You are clear to proceed.”

The man smiled. He could see the action clearly through the night vision scope. The target leaned down out of view for a moment then came back to his full height, holding a toddler in his arms.

His finger tightened on the trigger and as he watched father and son, staring out the window, he stopped, his finger twitched slightly. The man was pointing up to the sky, showing his son the stars that were winking there.

“Take the shot!”

He shook his head and wiped furiously at his brow, before returning to the scope. The little boy’s eyes were full of wonder, his arms around his father’s neck, holding on tight. There was love between them. Complete trust. Once he put a bullet between the man’s eyes the boy’s life would be forever changed. He’d fall, he’d see his father and look death straight in the face.

“What are you waiting for? Take the shot. That’s an order.”

He cleared his throat. “I don’t have a clear shot.”

“The **** you don’t. You have it. Take him out.”

His gut clenched further and he felt like he was going to be sick. It wouldn’t be the first time. His hands trembled though he’d been trained. He’d killed before protecting himself during training, but this … this he knew he could not do. He couldn’t kill in cold blood and damn the bastards, that’s what they wanted.

What had this man done? He didn’t know, because they didn’t tell him. He was to take an order and carry it out without question. He lowered the weapon.


There was silence for a moment, before another voice came on the line. He knew that voice so well. That voice had been on his ass for the last five years. “This is your commanding officer. You are to take the shot and return to headquarters immediately.”

He pulled the rifle to his chest and leaned against the wall, jerking the comm. unit from his throat. “No,” he said one last time.

You are terminated. Your orders were clear and you’re done.”

He glanced at the pistol beside him. Picking it up, he shoved it in the waist band of his pants at his lower back. Next, he retrieved the bullet from the rifle. Standing, he glanced one more time back at the house across the field. He shoved the bullet in his pocket, tossed the weapon aside and left it behind.

CONTEST ENDS: Friday, Feb. 27th so hurry and enter!


Serena Shay said...

Yay Ann!!!

A Real Man looks awesome! I can't wait to read.

Have a great release day. :-)

Hayley said...

It looks really good!

Leah said...

OOOhh I want to win. Great excerpt. Can't wait to find out what happens.

tatertot374 said...

Ohhh. This sounds soo good. Thank you for a chance to read a great book. THank you!

orelukjp0 said...

Hi Ann,

A Real Man sounds great. Thank you for the wonderful contest to celebrate its release. Thanks for entering me in it.

Terry E. said...

Hi Ann - sounds great! Thanks for the contest.


Tameka said...

Hi Ann,

Wow that's a great way to start a book. It was fool with drama and emotin this book sound like it's going to keep you on the edge.

conb00 said...

Hi Ann, I can't wait to read A REAL MAN, sounds like another Good and of course, HOT and YUMMY read. Thank You,

PatriciaAltner said...

Great contest, Ann

I hope I get A Real Man!

Ann Lory said...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by and posting. I'm putting your names in for the drawing. A Real Man was fun to write. Kept me on the edge of my seat too. I love characters that are like that. Don't know what they're going to do next. :-)

Eva S said...

Hi Ann,
the book sounds interesting, the excerpt was great and I'd love to read more!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Action, adventure, and a man who's almost too hot for words...what more could a girl ask for?

Anonymous said...

It's look interesting. I can't wait to read it! I prayed that your daughter's was a sucess.


Ann Lory said...

Thank you Chel for your prayer. She's doing great. :)