11:24 AM

Daughter's Surgery Tomorrow

As most of you who've seen my Facebook page know my daughter is going to have surgery tomorrow morning. It's a simple procedure, but one she'll need to be 'put out' for. As you know, being a mom, it makes me very nervous. She's given us two big scares in her two year life, and so I'm very overprotective of her. Sometimes I tend to hover. :-(

I know, I know, that's not a good thing. So, tomorrow I know everything will be fine, and that God is with us no matter what. If you could keep Gracie in your prayers though I would greatly appreciate it.



Barbara J. Hancock said...


I saw your post on samhain author chat and when I came by for a visit I saw your blog.

I have three children myself and so I know how you're feeling today. I know they will take good care of your little one, but I will definitely have her and you in my prayers!

Ann Lory said...

Thanks so much Barbara. I appreciate that. :)