9:20 AM

Dog Poo and the Cat!

WARNING! If you are easily grossed out do not proceed.

If you would like to get a kick out of a sick dog poo story, carry on.

So, I get home from work yesterday evening. I unload my (soon-to-be) two year old daughter from the car. I'm racing her up the sidewalk, in a good mood.

Unlocking the door, I walk in and everything freezes. Yes, my entire house smells like I had just walked into a thick, murky cloud of dog poo. I'm freaking out cause that means my dog has diarrhea, something I hadn't had to smell in a long time; but I'm freaking out worse cause it smells as if it's right there in my living room. Hadn't we put Molly in her kennel before leaving for the day?

Yes, we had. (We being my son, whose 10 and I.) I go back to the laundry room, where Molly's kennel is and at some point during the day she'd had 'explosive' diarrhea. It's all over her kennel, coming out onto the laundry floor, and she's covered.

My daughter runs for the kennel to let the 'puppy' (a 13 year old lab) out. I hold her off, and immediately gate off the laundry room. I open the door, and Molly comes 'sliding' out, then continues to my cries of stop, don't move and utter dismay to slip and slid all over my laundry room floor.

I'm gagging and almost upchucking at this point. My daughter who doesn't have that sense of 'bad smell' yet is just looking at me in wonder of everything happening, while standing safe on the other side of the gate.

Hubby comes home, I hear him before I see him. My son follows shortly after with a friend in tow and I immediately hear the gagging and loud voices from the living room. I begin yelling for help, yelling what's going on, yelling to get the dog outside to rinse her off, while it's 18 degrees out. And yes, we had the windows open with the heat running to try to air the house out. Febreeze was my friend last night. My very close friend.

Once Molly is rinsed, hubby wraps her in a towel and carries her to the tub, where we give her a warm bath. While in the bath, we keep having to rinse her as diarrhea keeps leaking out.

I have to mop the floor and mop it again, and I will mop again today with a new mop since mine is not completely ruined (and I had to wash off the sides of the wash machine and drier) AND finally...we put a wet dog, shivering and upset back in the laundry room, gated off from the rest of the house with her kennel sitting outside to be cleaned.

But, my story is not finished!. Once Molly is settled in the laundry room, I walk into the living room and my cat pees on my husbands Nike's and a pair of my heels. Yes, he just stood there and took a whizz. I don't know if he had a lack of oxygen to the brain from spending a day in the fumes, maybe it was temporary insanity, or maybe he thought since Molly had 'marked' the whole house with her scent, he'd just make a few of his own to claim his territory back. Suffice to say it was the last straw. My cat, our first pet after hubby and I were newly married 13 years ago, our first baby; almost saw the light of his after life last night.

So, after cleaning that up, we left the house and went out to dinner. No, we did not want to eat with a cloud of poo hanging in the air. Yuk! And I didn't want to sit and glower at my cat all evening. Dinner was nice and when we returened our house smelled much better.

Fun times, huh? Bletch! We managed not to be sick, my cat managed not to die, but it was a struggle and I feel we should be awarded for all our efforts. LOL!


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