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Viki Lyn

CONTEST: I am offering one lucky commenter a digital (ebook) copy of my novella The Tiger Within or Blue Skye. Please make sure to leave a comment along with your email addy so I can contact you if you win.

AL: Hi Viki Thanks for being in the “Author Spotlight” this week.

Viki: Thank you for having me.

AL: So, tell us what’s happening with you.

Viki: I can't believe it's already going to be October! I'm going to my Mom's 87th birthday this weekend, so I'll be flying to California for a few days. I'm staying with my sister (one of three). It should be a blast. It's always fun when we're all together.

AL: Who’s up for some man love? We know you are. Tell us what you have for us to pick off your bookshelf?

Viki: I have two books that are completely different in style. Blue Skye (published with Aspen Mountain Press) is a contemporary love story about two childhood friends that are reunited after spending several years apart. Will they find a common ground for friendship after the choices they'd made. This is a pure romance with no vampires, shape shifters or evil creatures lurking in the dark!

The Tiger Within (published by Loose Id) is a shape shifter romance set in France in 1948. Antoine Fortescue is a French nobleman and a shape shifter. He's been living on the earth since the 1700's. He meets Jack Hunter, a super-enhanced soldier and a closeted homosexual, and he realizes he has found his lifemate. But Jack doesn't like Antoine, because he brings out his sexual feelings that's he kept hidden. When they find themselves working together, the tension rises and the sparks fly.

AL: What or whom inspired you to write gay romance?

Viki: I'm a yaoi fan girl - and for those who don't know the genre, it's Japanese Boys Love manga. I've always enjoyed reading gay fiction and watching gay movies. One of my het romance trilogies has a very strong secondary gay love triangle. I enjoyed writing about these three men, at times, more than my two main characters! I also lived in a gay neighborhood in San Diego, and became very close to my neighbors, D & C, who had a wonderful loving relationship for years.

AL: What do you have in the works?

Viki: Oh, so many things that sometimes I don't know which way my head is screwed on? I'm writing another M/M romance set in Woodland Village, the setting for Blue Skye. I'm on my first round of edits for my M/M vampire story titled Last Chance that will be released by Loose Id. This was a very fun book to write, featuring a seriously smart biologist and a seriously sexy college jock. I'm plotting out book two this week with my critique partner. I've also been getting feedback that readers want to see a sequel to The Tiger Within. And, I wrote a free ficlet (its posted on my website) that readers have been asking for more. And, in my other writing life, I'm editing a het paranormal romance between an angel and a priestess.

Whew! It makes me tired just writing about it.

AL: Who are some of your favorite authors?

Viki: Oh boy, that's a difficult one. I'm a murder mystery fanatic. Recently my favorite authors are Charles Finch, Scott Sherman, Josh Lanyon, Jacqueline Winspear and Qiu Xiaolong. I want to read Robert B. Parker who's writing is really tight. I've picked up a couple of M/M romance novellas by Katrina Strauss that I really enjoyed.

AL: Now, I’m going to get personal… What favorite movie; or T.V. show makes you hunker down on the sofa and settle in for the night?

Viki: I'm really hooked on Brothers and Sisters! The family is so dysfunctional but you come to really care about each and every one of them. The dialogue is really snappy and right on. And, Sally Fields is just so good in her role as the matriarch.

Ann: What is this romance writer's idea of the "perfect romantic evening" with her real life hero?

Viki: What if I confess I'm not really a romantic? I know, pretty ironic since I write romance, but my idea of romantic time is 'not possible' (quoted by my dh). We really enjoy traveling overseas, so a romantic evening for us is exploring a new city or village, dining at the local restaurant, people watching and ending our evening with a drink or coffee at a local cafe. See, I told you I'm not romantic!

AL: If you had to write yourself as a villain, what kind of villain would you be? What would you be named?

Viki: Oh, this is really difficult for me. If I had to be a villain, I'd want to be really fast on my feet, agile, almost cat-like in skills. And I would have some super powers, too. I really dig comics. I'd shift into a black panther, all sleek dark muscles and intense green eyes. And, I'd have keen sight and smell and taste...let's see...I'd be known as The Black Kat...

AL: Now, that we know what you would be and your name, what nasty things do you have planned for your hero?

Viki: I'd chase him until I had him cornered. Then I used my super powers and stun him with my gaze so he couldn't fight back. He'd be under my power for the night.

AL: If you could have any car in the world; would it be a slow rider, or one that the wind has to hurry just to keep up with you?

Viki: One that the wind has to hurry just to keep up with me! I own a red with a white top Mini Cooper!

AL: Please share a favorite quote(s) with us.

Viki: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

AL: Thanks so much for sharing with joining us this week, Viki.

Viki: Thank you for having me. I've enjoyed answering your questions. It's been fun.

AL: If you’d like to find out more about Viki please visit:




Sentinel agent, Jack Hunter, is blessed…or cursed…with superhuman abilities. He's horrified by the unholy creatures he's been hired to kill: renegade vampires, werewolves, and other unworldly beings spawned from hell. But none of these creatures terrify him as much as Sentinel's top agent and shape-shifter, Le Tigre aka Antoine Fortescue…for Antoine knows his most shameful secret.

From an ancient lineage of shape-shifters, Antoine Fortescue is the last of his kind. He is careful when it comes to love, preferring short-term affairs that don't involve the heart. Until the day he meets the enhanced soldier, Jack Hunter. The man fascinates Antoine with his All-American good looks and arrogance, and it doesn't take long for Antoine to realize Jack is his khalid—his life mate.

A stolen kiss in an alley gives Antoine hope that eventually he'll win Jack's closed-up heart. But Jack Hunter despises Antoine for his openly gay manner and outrageous flirting. When they must work together on a case that's close to Antoine's heart, he's hunting not just a killer but his khalid. He will have his prey, his Jack, and unleash the tiger within.


Antoine stood over Jack sleeping peacefully. Usually Jack was wound tight, but in his sleep, he appeared innocent, setting Antoine's heart racing. How wonderful it would have been to have known Jack as a boy. Before the war, before the ravages to his body, before his life changed.

With his forefinger, he feathered Jack's square jaw and pressed the tip in the dimple edging the side of his broad mouth. Antoine smiled at the memory of those enticing lips and that hot, wily tongue. Their first and only sexual encounter was enough for him to realize the importance of Jack Hunter. All-American in looks: healthy complexion, robust physique, tall and commanding. Once Jack had given in to his desires, he did not disappoint. His American arrogance remained, demanding and powerful. That kiss in the alley two years ago might not have led to sex, but it told Antoine all he needed to know. Jack liked men.

For someone of Jack's disposition, being a sexual deviant was paramount to committing the most horrid of mortal sins. If he learned the reason behind Antoine's seduction, who knew how he would react?

Antoine smiled tenderly as he smoothed Jack's short cowlick. His once-military buzz cut had grown out, his hair now a rich mahogany cap. It was not easy to love this man, but he was worth the long chase. Never had Antoine been in love, not really, and this man was his equal. Equal in power, intelligence, and courage. And equal in the depth of his loneliness, which was evident from the sadness in Jack's eyes.

Antoine kissed the top of his khalid's head, breathing in his scent, letting it seep into his being, exciting him. He knew he would settle for nothing less than love with his khalid, his life mate.

REMEMBER: Viki will be offering one lucky commenter a digital (ebook) copy of my novella The Tiger Within or Blue Skye. Please make sure to leave a comment along with your email addy so I can contact you if you win.



Great interview and excerpt. The book sounds like a good read with a man who is a little mixed up about his sexuality.


joder said...

Oh Viki, I'm so jealous you have a Mini Cooper! They're such cute cars!

I think the books sounds great, very steamy!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your release, Viki :)
This book has two of my favorite things... shifters and secrets. I just love a story with a good secret, mwahahaha, lol

aliciaeflores1 @ yahoo.com

Cathy M said...

Hi Viki, great interview, it is always great getting to know a new author. I love m/m stories, especially paranormal, and the excerpt for The Tiger Within has me hooked.


Romance With a Twist said...

Thanks everyone that has commented so far.

Loretta - Jack Hunter is mixed up! I usually have one of my male charaters very angst about the whole M/M thing :) It makes for good tension!

Joder - I do love my Mini Cooper. I plan on driving even when I reach my 80's!!! A little ways away, at least :)

Ali and Cathy - what is it about shifters? Maybe it's the animal soul in them that's a turn-on ;). My vampire story coming out with Loose Id also has an element of the shifting!

Viki Lyn

Dena said...

Hi Ann and Viki, I enjoyed the interview. Your book sounds really good and I love your book cover.

George said...

Hey there Vicki!

My, my, my! You are a busy little beaver! At least that keeps you out of trouble! No wonder I hardly see you twitter (yeah, I follow you - for inspiration!)

I love Brothers and Sisters too! I have the first two seasons on DVD.

I loved your novel Blue Skye. It is one that I have recommended others to read.

You did really good on the villian question! Villians are always a favorite of mine, because they can make the book/movie so much more complex and interessting! If I were a villian, I would be like Ursula on the Little Mermaid movie Dustin Hoffmans portraial of Captain James Hook in the movie Hook.

When I write (I am a 'prepublished' m/m writer) I have too much fun planning out my antagonist. My mate says I live varcariously through them!

If I win - I would like a copy of the Tiger Within (I don't own it yet). Good luck with future sales and your upcoming releases!

George Allwynn at georgetalwin@gmail.com

George said...

Oh - and Ann, this is my first time here at your website/blog - and I love the shimmering beaded curtains!!!!

I am starting to work on my own website, so I have have been viewing others to become inspired. The crystal beads won't set the mood on my web (unfortunately) but they work excellent here! I adore them!

s7anna said...

Hi Viki,
First of all, Happy 87th B-Day to your Mum!!!
I really enjoyed reading your interview. Now, let's get down to your awesome book...I love a well written gay romance, especially ones where there is a character who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality...I am already in lust with both of the men in this book but I'm very curious to see how the two protagonists will end up together...because they will end up together...they have to!!! I refuse to accept an unhappy ending!!! :P I look forward to reading your works.

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

lindseye said...

Love to read about men and sex and shifters so both books sound good. Your WIPs have possibilities so will be looking for updates. Enjoy your trip.

Ann Lory said...

Thanks George! :-D

I thought it was really pretty and set off the mood well for my blog.

Also, a BIG thank you to everyone for stopping by and posting. I love Viki's cover as well and the title is great.

Viki Lyn said...

Dena - isn't the book cover awesome. April Martinez did the cover for The Tiger Within! I can't wait to see the cover for my vampire series - Last Chance! And, Blue Skye was awesome, too. Valerie Tibbs did that cover.

George - my DH says the same thing about my antagonists too! How I'm taking out my aggressions on my poor characters! But what's so fun about a story that has no conflict! I try to explain to him this concept but he just stares at me like I've grown two heads or something :) And, good luck on your writing! It's 99% persistence!

s7anna - yeah, I can't believe my mom is 87! I'm the 'baby' of the family but I'm sure past the age of consent! I agree with you on the HEA. I do LOVE a good ending, but an ending line is one of the hardest sentences to write!

Lindseye - shape shifter was fun to write. It was my first shifter, but sure won't be my last!

rm2h said...

The books sound great. As someone who has been born and raised in CA, have a good time with your family.

rm2h @ yahoo.com

Viki Lyn said...

rm2h -thank you! I miss CA - Every summer as kids, we used to spend it with our grandparents who had a summer house in Santa Cruz. I LOVE the ocean! Now I have lots of sand but no water! Viki

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the interview; it was great.

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

chrysalis1975 said...

Hi Ms. Viki Lyn! It was such a treat to read this interview :) I loved The Tiger Within, and would dearly love to read a sequel of those two hot characters! I can't wait to read your other works you have *in the works*. Blue Skye sounds like a winner as well :) I do so LOVE M/M novels!! Congratulations again on your well-deserved recognition and book opportunities!!

Take care,


Viki Lyn said...

Tracey D - thank for taking time to read my interview! Ann asked a lot of interesting questions :)

Tame - *waving* Nice to hear from you again. I'm seriously considering another Antoine and Jack story, after I finish a couple of others that are in the works.

sherry said...

Both of your books sound really good I love to read m/m stories. I think the m/m with a shifter in it will be really hot.

sherry said...

This is Sherry again I forgot to leave my email address last time.

Viki Lyn said...

Sherry - Hi! It's nice that you dropped in. My next book is a vampire story and is even hotter! I'm just sent off my first round of edits - phew!

Viki Lyn said...

Dena, you won one of my digital books of your choice! I have emailed you with the information!

Everyone, thank you for commenting on my post. I really appreciate the support! I have a contest running for the fall season. The rules are on my website, so if you're interested you can view the white tiger beaded dangle I'm giving away. http://www.vikilyn.com

Happy Reading! Viki

Anonymous said...

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