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Eliza Gayle

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AL: Hi Eliza Thanks for being in the “Author Spotlight” this week.

Eliza: Thank you Ann for having me, it’s great to be here.

AL: So, tell us what’s happening with you.

Eliza: I have two teenage daughters…need I say more? I work full-time as well as write so lately my days are pretty full with work and keeping up with the family.

AL: What do you have for us to sink our teeth into?

Eliza: Well, my first Loose Id release, Obsession of Jayde is coming out next week and I’m really excited about it.

It’s a brand new paranormal that features a mortal woman and two very hot immortal men that are meant to watch over her in so many ways. *g*

When Jayde inadvertently releases sexual obsession, things definitely get interesting pretty quick.

I had so much fun writing this story and it didn’t hurt that I got to combine two of my favorite things. Chocolate fudge and sex. (Can you say kitchen sex? *g*)

AL: Witches, vamps, shifters and reality…oh my! What was the click that turned in your brain that sent you from kick-butt Marine diva and corporate world dominatrix to spicy erotica author?

Eliza: I was a voracious romance reader that read an average of a book a day. The library held books for me without even having to reserve them. LOL I’d thought about writing one a lot but either didn’t know how or lacked the motivation. One day I happened to pick up the Romantic Times magazine and a whole new world of romance opened up to me starting with Ellora’s Cave and I had a true aha moment that maybe I could write some of this.

AL: You write different genres, do you favor one genre over another?

Eliza: Sometimes I think I do but then I’ll switch to the other and remember I love it as much as the other. For me switching back and forth between contemporary and paranormal keeps things fresh and lively.

AL: What do you like best about writing? What is your least favorite thing?

Eliza: I like a lot of things about writing but the best thing for me is about three quarters of the way through the story and I get stuck on how to twist the end, I have to step back and think about it for a while before I get that thunderstruck moment where the ending all falls into place. I love the satisfaction of that moment.

My least favorite thing is revisions. I try to write a pretty clean first draft so that when I go back I’m mostly just editing and polishing. However, inevitably there are times when revisions are required and while I do what it takes, I really do not enjoy it.

AL: Allright, let’s dig in deep. Sometimes people envision an author’s life as being really glamorous. Tell us…what’s the most unglamorous thing you’ve done in the past week?

Eliza: Well…while I don’t exactly lead the glamorous life, I do have a husband who takes care of a lot of the unglamorous. I’m lucky like that.

But I do run a pretty strict routine for myself that includes working, writing and cleaning nearly every day of the week. And did I mention I have teenagers? *g*

AL: You’re the actress in a must see blockbuster movie that everyone’s been waiting all summer for. 1) What’s the movie about? 2) Whose your character? 3) Whose your leading man?

Eliza: It’s definitely a kick-butt action adventure movie with a touch of the paranormal thrown in. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say I’d be a witchy Lara Croft. Guns and witchcraft…sounds like a party to me.

I couldn’t possibly choose just one leading man so lets make it a love triangle with Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds. (I do love to write ménages. ;)

AL: Fall is around the corner. Literally! What is your favorite part of the season? Fall leaves? Sweater weather? Football?

Eliza: Why Halloween of course. Actually I love almost everything about fall but I always look forward to hauling out the fall and Halloween decorations. Some years we go all out and we have a full graveyard out front and a green glowing bat cave inside. Small children have been known to be afraid to come to our door on Halloween night.

AL: You are told you have to meet one paranormal creature, no safeguards, what do you choose? What do you bring with you?

Eliza: It’s so hard to pick just one. I want to meet a hunky faery. Does that count? Faeries are my absolutely favorite thing.

What would I bring? Probably some rope for obvious reasons.

AL: Please share a favorite quote(s) with us.

Eliza: “If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel then march right down there and turn it on.”

I wish I could remember where I got that quote but I’ve been carrying it around for a decade or more and it’s original source has gotten lost.

AL: Thanks so much for sharing with joining us this week, Eliza.

Eliza: Thank you so much for having me, it’s been fun.

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When Jayde returned to Hickory Falls to settle her grandmother’s estate she didn’t know what she was in for. A secret antique puzzle box with a necklace and a note that only says Beware of the Obsession. A bakery everyone is anxious to see reopened despite her inability to cook and a pair of hunky too good to be true tenants living in the same house.

Marc and Anthony are lovers waiting on their third to complete them, the Guardian they have sworn to protect. When Jayde arrives they are anxious to get her in their bed until they see the necklace around her neck. Now they have to take things slow, seducing her before they reveal the duty she has been called for.

When the Guardian denies her calling, the protectors will do anything in their power to convince her but in the end it has to be her choice. Will she sacrifice her heart to do what is right? Sometimes free will is a bitch.


Marc stood propped against the wall right inside the doorway, watching Jayde sleep. She was everything he had imagined and more. Footfalls sounded on the steps leading to the bakery, and when Aidan came through the entrance, Marc grabbed his arm to get his attention. He placed his finger against his mouth and indicated for Aidan to stay quiet, before pointing to her sleeping form on the far couch.

Aidan turned in her direction, his straight black hair settling around his shoulders. “Is she okay?”

“I think she’s just sleeping.”

“Is it her? The one we were expecting?”

“I think so. She matches the vision I had of her, as well as the picture we found on Katriona’s nightstand. And the energy in the room matches what I’ve been sensing for hours now.”

“She’s even more beautiful than I expected.”

Marc froze, momentarily speechless at the longing that vibrated from Aidan when he spoke. “Getting to know her should be a very interesting experience.” He moved farther into the room to get a better look.

His gaze was drawn to the glow of her skin. Her beautiful face had softened in sleep, and she had a mass of curls that surrounded her head. But it was the fair, smooth skin that called out to him to touch her. To taste her. Katriona had certainly sent a woman to tempt him; that was for sure.

Marc bent down and touched her cheek.

Her eyes flew open, and she gasped. “What the --”

“It’s okay, Jayde; you’re safe.”

She sputtered awake, struggling her way to a sitting position, attempting to pull down her skirt. It had ridden up in her sleep, revealing the sky blue panties she wore underneath.

“Who…? What…?” She closed her eyes and inhaled before continuing. “How did you know my name?”

Marc rested a hand on her shoulder. “My name is Marc, and this is Aidan. We live on the third floor.”

“Oh…oh of course.” She stood and smoothed down her clothes and her long mane of fiery red curls. A faint blush tinted her cheeks, enhancing her natural glow. He imagined those long fingers touching his body or Aidan’s. He bit back a groan at that and seeing her standing in the light of the sunset, her head looked as if flames surrounded it. Beautiful.

She tugged at the edge of her blouse, pulling it over the rounded, sexy curve of her belly, and ended up revealing the deep cleavage of her breasts. Nestled between them was the blue moonstone he and Aidan had been searching for all these months.

His back stiffened. Katriona had said that it was hidden in a safe place, but this was not safe at all.

“That’s a beautiful gem you have there, Jayde.”

Her hand flew to the chain and lifted the stone, rubbing the smooth surface between her fingers. “Thank you.”

The husky tone of her voice sounded like sleep and sex. It made him want to get to know her a whole lot better. But he wondered if she had any idea of the danger she toyed with.

“Where did you get it? If you don’t mind my asking.”

She stared at him with her deep green eyes, a shadow of distrust touching her face. He could almost see her processing his question and trying to come up with why he was so curious about it.

“It was in my grandmother’s safe-deposit box. I don’t understand why she hid away such a beautiful necklace. I couldn’t resist putting it on.” The way she continued to finger the stone had him worried.

Aidan cleared his throat behind her. She jumped like a scared rabbit, letting the stone fall back into her cleavage and breaking the spell between them. She nibbled on her bottom lip.

“I’m sorry about your grandmother, Jayde,” he offered. “We both cared for her very much.”

“Thank you.” She didn’t look at him when she said it, and instead began gathering her things. “If you two will excuse me, I need to get changed and get a feel for the place a little. It’s been a long day, and I’m not feeling sociable at the moment. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, of course not. Please let us know if we can be of any help. Miss Katriona is going to be missed.”

“Thank you.” She grabbed up the last of her belongings and headed out of the shop and up the stairs to her grandmother’s apartment, now hers. The one right across from theirs.

“What are we going to do now?” Aidan asked. “We need to get that necklace from her before it’s too late.”

“There’s not much time.” Marc nodded absently as he rubbed the front of his jeans, trying to adjust himself to ease the ache for her in his groin. They had more than one issue to deal with.

“You felt it too, huh? Any chance it’s just a side effect from the stone?”

REMEMBER: To those who leave a post and their email address, Eliza will draw one winner for a give away of a copy of any ebook of the readers choice from my backlist.


joder said...

Great interview and excerpt! And I like how you think when it comes to the hunks in your menage. I love Gerard and Ryan too!

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Debra Glass said...

Sounds super hot! Great interview!

SBgirlCin said...

Looks like a great read. Enjoyed the interview.


Cathy M said...

Hi Eliza, great excerpt, I am always on the lookout for a sexy menage story. Love the quote you picked, too.


s7anna said...

Hi there,
This was a great interview...I'm a huge fan of menage romances so the book sounds like something right up my alley :P

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

MariElle said...

The new book looks really good- let me know when it's out.
Nice meeting you.
I'm stuck in revisions- have a manuscript accepted by EC but can't seem to get past that wall in my head to get the revisions done 8~(
It's far easier to read than write eh?
Anyway, thanx again,
MariElle Betz

Kim S. said...

Great interview Ann, very informative!

Congrats on your upcoming release of Obsession Of Jayde Eliza!! It looks fantastic and I've added it to my TBB list! Mmmmmmmmm, menages!!

thewildtwo [at] sbcglobal [DOT] net

Sunruner said...

I can't wait to read this one!! Sounds great.


Tamsyn said...

Congrats on your release! Lovely excerpt. Menages are a favourite of mine!:o) This definitely will go on my TBR list! Thanks!

Eliza Gayle said...

joder, thanks and glad you're on board with Gerard and Ryan. *g* Love em so much.

Debra, Thanks so much.

SB, Thank you!

Eliza Gayle said...

Cathy, Thanks and glad you liked the quote. Still wish I could remember where I got it. lol

Anna, thanks and you and me both on the menages. Love em!

MariElle, thanks and the book will be out on tuesday. Ahh revisions... I feel you pain. Good Luck!

Eliza Gayle said...

Kim, Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

Sunruner, Thanks very much!

Tamsyn, Thank you for the compliment and me too!

The Blackraven said...


Great excerpt and interview. I love some menages. I enjoy all of your books, especially the Pentacles of Magick series.

Jessica Lee said...

This sounds like a great read, Eliza! And I really adore the cover. Great interview. Wishing you the best of luck and many, many sales next week. :)


Melody said...

WOW sounds HOT!!!
I would love a book!!


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The covers draw you in but the writing inside keeps you reading.
Two guts in love is so sexy


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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!