11:36 AM



Marisa Rand fled Oklahoma ten years ago, the day before she was to marry Brandon Spotted Eagle. Now, Marisa is a determined career woman making a name for herself on Wall Street. Her work is the only thing that matters, but when she gets a call and it’s Brandon’s voice on the other end--her world is thrown off kilter. Marisa's mother is battling cancer and it's time for her to return home.

Marisa returns to the one place she’s made every effort to leave behind and comes face to face with the one person she’s been running from all this time…Brandon. They are both bitter and horns lock right away, but the desire raging between them will not be denied.

Brandon wants Marisa to come home for good, but Marisa has a fiancĂ©’ back in New York and a successful career. She’s terrified to leave the only things she’s ever known and take a chance on the love she never really left behind. Now she must face who she’s become, be the daughter she once was, and discover if she’s truly strong enough to give Brandon what he wants...Brandon’s Way.