10:53 AM

Movie Phrase Friday!

"My girl rocks. My girl does not rock!"

Is it:

A) The Proposal
B) Baby Mama
C) Knocked Up
D) None of the above...so which movie is it?

Email me your answer by Monday morning at AnnLory@gmail.com and I'll put your name in the drawing for a $5 online gift card to Bath and Body Works. Good luck!


Fallon said...

Thanks for the contest. I sent you an email with my answer.

Fallon H.

Ann Lory said...

And the winner is....

Jody F!

Congrats Jody. Thanks to everyone for playing. Jody, I'll be sending you your online gift cert today.

Ann Lory said...

Oh and Baby Mama is the right answer. :-D

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