8:43 AM

Hi all!

I'm the guest blogger today on Leah Braemel's blog.

I'm doing a blog post I've done in the past. A lot of you seemed to enjoy it.

Also CONTEST: I'll draw a winner from those who stop by and leave a comment.
One winner will get a free download of Bait and Switch.

Please stop by at: http://leahbraemel.blogspot.com/2009/08/ann-lory.html


susan said...

Morning Ann, I just had to stop in and say hello and hope you have a great time here today. I am not able to enter your contest as I have trouble downloading ebooks but I still want to let you know I love your books and I try and promote them to all my friends and pen pals who are big readers. I have over 90 pen pals and over 3/4 are readers so your name is geting around. I hope it helps to make your books to the top. Have a great day. susan L.

Ann Lory said...

Susan, that is so sweet and thoughtful of you. Thank you so much for doing that. That means the world to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-D

Let's make sure though that you absolutely can't before we say you can't...can you get a file in an email by pdf. or word.doc?

Margie Church said...

I'm in the middle of writing a paranormal and having a ball. Love your site.

Kelly Moran said...

love, love the blog.
i'm following you now. you should check out mine. i have reviews and author interviews with book give-a-ways. xo

conb00 said...

Hi Ann, I popped over at leah's and posted a comment.You have some Pretty Hot Books to curl up to and read!

Ann Lory said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my interview on Leah's blog and checking out my blog as well. Working on the re"vamping" of it. LOL!

I'll make sure to check out your blog Kelly. And thanks for the wonderful compliments all of you.