9:15 AM

Summer Movies

I don't believe we'll be having an "Author Spotlight" this week...

So, this summer seems to have a lot of fun movies on the market. Since having my daughter I forgot that you can't just go to the movies anymore at the drop of a hat. My son is going to be 11 in a couple months and hubby and I got used to just being able to go either with him, or if the movie wasn't appropriate he'd stay the night with a friend, or at grandma's.

With that being said I've missed just about every movie I've wanted to see this summer so I'll be buying lots of DVD's come fall.

BUT I am making arrangements to see the new Harry Potter movie when it comes out this month.

What has everyone seen? Any movie buffs out there? Fill me in on what movies you've seen this summer, or what you're waiting for so you can run and be the first in line. :-D