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Day 2

Eternal Embrace

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He turned on the power to the stereo, selected a CD and placed it in the player, but didn’t turn the music on. Instead, he came back to her, slipping a small remote into his vest pocket. “Do you know any of the dances from the period in which you are dressed, Cassandra?”

“I’m afraid I don’t.”

His gaze was intense, burning into hers. “Will you allow me to teach you?”

Her response was a breathless whisper, as his arm circled her waist pulling her to him. “Yes.” He was solid and large, pressing intimately against her soft curves before he quickly spun her away, positioning himself for the dance.

“Stand, like so.” He showed her, one arm raised above his head and the other feigned holding a skirt. “Not all dances are simple waltzes. Some were performed in groups, others were of couples playing each move off one another. The anticipation of the touch was sometimes the most exciting of all.” His gaze held hers.

She imitated him, grabbing her skirt loosely in her free hand.

“Now, step to the right, then in toward me, and as you do so, bring your raised hand down along the side of my face, barely touching my cheek. I will do the same to you.”

He continued to talk her through the steps, counting as they practiced, sometimes humming out a low tune that was pleasant as they went through the motions. He was a patient teacher and praised all her efforts. When she had mastered the steps, he looked at her, a half smile on his handsome face.

“Are you ready?” She nodded, and he removed the remote from his pocket, hit a button returning it to his vest. Motioning to her they both took their starting positions. The music that came on startled her. It was of mandolins, violins, flutes and drums, all playing a sensual tune.
She moved in toward him, bringing her hand down, fingertips gently grazing his cheek, while his cool fingers caressed her face. His touch seemed to sear her skin, and she lifted her gaze dreamily to meet his.

His eyes were intense, his black stare devouring her as he stepped around, bringing her into his embrace, gliding with her around the floor. His hand swept down her arm and caught her hand, and stepped away. Both their hands were high above their heads, their fingers linked as they swayed in and away from each other.

Their fingers lingering, Cassie and Dimitri both turned and met face-to-face. Their breaths mingled as their lips came mere inches apart. He brought their hands down between them, his gaze never leaving hers.

The music grew louder, the drums pounding an erotic rhythm. As the dance went on, Dimitri and Cassie’s steps became quicker, and though his touches were slight, the flow of his fingers stoked desire, making her burn. Breasts aching, and slick need pulsed between her legs. She needed him.

His hands glided down her side, barely brushing her breasts, causing her nipples to tighten almost painfully. She moaned.

Dimitri seized her in his arms, unable to stand the torture any longer. Ignoring the music that continued to play, he pulled her against him, his fingers trailing down the column of her neck. Her breaths were deep and heavy, causing her breasts to heave against his chest. He had to fight the sudden urge to groan.

His hand moved into her hair, releasing it from its clasp. The chestnut tresses cascaded down her back like a waterfall. Little blue flowers stood out in her hair and fell even as he ran his fingers through her silken strands. Catching a flower on a shiny lock, he brought it to his nose before moving his mouth toward her throat. She arched her head back, whimpering as his tongue burned down the slender curve of her neck.

Her heart beat a wild rhythm in his head, matching the tempo of the drum pounding through the ballroom. His lips found the pulse beating at the base of her throat and the pleasing scent of her blood called to him, humming through her veins. He knew it would taste as delightful as its aroma. His fangs descended as they grazed against her ivory flesh.

His cock was hard as granite and he painfully needed release. It has been so long since he’d felt a woman beneath him, the sensation of velvet heat as he drove into her. Cassandra tantalized him to the edge of his self-control. He wanted to take her in every way possible.

She moaned again, her fingers fisting his hair. She pushed herself into him, begging him with wordless sounds to continue his sweet torment, and he couldn’t resist any longer. He brought her to the floor, her skirts billowing around them. “I need you, Cassandra,” he breathed, shielding his incisors from her view.

She answered by arching her hips against his. “Take me. I want you desperately.”

He shoved her sleeves and bodice down her shoulders to her elbows, sucking in a sharp breath at the sight of her breasts. Lily white with pink tips and unbelievably perfect. He groaned and leaned down, capturing an erect nipple in his mouth.

Her soft cries fueled him; he needed to feel more of her, to taste her all over.

Dimitri brought his free hand down her leg, and slowly inched up her skirt, his fingers sliding over the silk of her hose until they brushed a lacy top. He grunted, pulling away to look at the top of a thigh-high stocking.

If it were possible, his cock strained even harder against his pants. He stroked his hand back up her thigh and his finger prodded the lace of her panties. Cassandra sighed, her head shifting, exposing her throat to him. He lowered himself over her, pushing her further into the floor and caressed her throat with his lips and tongue. Below, he slipped his fingers around silk and met pure satin flesh. She writhed beneath him as he teased and caressed her, pushing fingers into her heat. She was tight and hot; he knew she’d feel glorious around him when he was finally inside her.

The sensation of her, the scent of her arousal was too much. His lips settled over her pulse, licking, nipping until he sank his teeth into her tender flesh. Feeling her slight body jerk in his embrace, he heard her slight whimper, and her surrendering sigh of pleasure as he slowly drank of her. She tasted delicious, beyond anything he had ever experienced in life and in death. She was sweeter than honey, more intoxicating than the finest wine. He lost himself in her essence, taking in all of her memories, dreams, hurts, fears…everything that she was.

Cassie ran her hands through his hair, urging him on. His fingers felt wonderful as he moved them within her, gliding in and out, his thumb massaging the swollen flesh. She cried out as his mouth covered her breast one more time, suckling, nipping, then lavishing her throat with his wet kisses. She groaned and twitched at the sudden flash of white heat at her neck. Everything seemed to fall away and all she could focus on was ecstasy.

She came instantly, clinging to him, weeping as he brought her to another orgasm. She tried to pull away, but he held her tight. She might go mad at the pure delight ripping through her body until she became dizzy. She blinked rapidly, trying to focus. Everything was fuzzy around her.

Something was wrong. She tried to say his name, but couldn’t form the words. She tried to shove him from her, but her limbs felt heavy. Lethargy settled over her and Cassie found she wanted to let it carry her away into his welcoming embrace. Blackness closed in around her, starting at the edges of her vision and closing in, so that all she could see was darkness.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ann,

What a hot excerpt! I loved the tension in this one!

Amy S. said...

Great excerpt!

Jody F. said...

Nice, steamy excerpt! Can't wait to read more.

gogi1_2 AT yahoo DOT com

Caffey said...

Love to see a hero dance! I get to read that in some historicals but not much else so its so cool. Too a beautiful and sizzling scene to read of Cassie and Dimitri. Love that feel of the build up!

Christine S. Morehouse said...

Ann, love the intimacy of the dance between the characters. It was brilliant the way you entwined the connection of the dance and Dimitri's seduction of Cassie.

I can't wait for tomorrows excerpt.

Curious, is Eternal Obsession out? I would love to review both for Erotic Book Junkies and Romantic Crush Junkies.

Happy Writing,

MarthaE said...

Sensual to HOT! Whew! Loved the dancing lessons...
Wondering what is going to happen next!

Anna P said...

I agree with Christine M -- what a great excerpt. Now I have to find out what happens. :-)

Ann Lory said...

Awesome. I love the dancing scene too. When I wrote it I was so excited about it. The whole scene leading up to this and during had me on the edge of my seat. I think it was then I myself fell head over heels for Dimitri. :-D


Ann Lory said...

Christine -

Eternal Obsession will be coming out in October of this year. I would love to have you review the Eternal books. Eternal Surrender, Eternal Salvation and Eternal Promise will be out in 2010. :-D Not that you asked about those, but just a heads up...