9:06 AM

March is a Big Fat Tease

March is the month that I think, "Yes, spring is here, warmer weather here we come."

Then it goes warm, cold, warming up, cooling down, warm, rain, cool, cold, SNOW, and warm again.

It teases me with it's many ups and downs. I can't get out on my bike and it's sitting in my garage beckoning me. "It's warm out," it says, "come and take me for a ride."

"I'd love to," I respond, pressing my hand to the glass, "but it's going to storm in an hour."

Sigh, hurry up nice weather.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Patricia Altner said...

Wow, Lacey! I just finished reading the excerpt. Hot stuff! I'll have to check your website for more.

Always great to add another top notch writer to my list.

And thanks to you and Ann for the interview!